This section will have a list of people you would want to avoid in Dota 2 matchmaking. I have played 1000+ matchmaking games now (12/04/2013), and I have met all sorts of interesting people.  I shall be listing a bunch of players that I have met in the past,  that have been reporting worthy. The list will be an on-going, so you better behave yourself! lol

I am not a harsh person. I have never actually reported anyone with my account. I never flame, I never rage quit. In fact, I have never been put into the low priority pool before.

You seriously have to be extremely offensive to be on my list. I will not be putting noobs on the list, as noobs will get better over time. Plus it is not their fault they are bad due to being new to the game, they have much room to get better. Its those people who try to ruin people’s game on purpose that will be on this list.



ID: NeXon Link

Reason: I picked Night Stalker to go middle lane. He then picks Silencer to share middle lane with me. During the laning stage, he was ganked by the top lane while he tried to get the top rune. After giving up first blood, he started flaming me and continuously fed on purpose. He would re-spawn and walk to the enemy tier one tower in order to feed, he made his feeding session more efficient by buying Boots of Travel so he could TP out to die instantly. If this was not enough. He bought 15+ couriers to feed too.

ID: Dreamer Link

Reason: I was solo mid  Tuskar but Dreamer picked Lina telling me that Lina is a better solo mid hero and a far better ganker than Tuskar. I tried to reason with him by saying:” Lina is a far better support hero than Tuskar as Lina is a range hero that can harass with ease. Also, a Tuskar supporting Slark is no where as effective as Lina supporting a melee hero.” He obviously disagreed. He then told his friend who was using Chen to send me back to base with full HP and MP. This happened throughout the game. Chen basically followed me, and sent me back to base whenever his spell was off cool down. Totally ruined the game. At the end of the game, he told everyone on the other team to report me for no apparent reason.

ID: CallMeSebo! Link

Reason: His attitude towards waiting in game was terrible. During the game, a friend of mine dropped due to bad internet connections. I reassured the other team that he would reconnect within two minutes. This person was unwilling to wait for more than two seconds. He just spammed the unpause button. His reason for not waiting was because someone on my side had randomed a wisp and picked up a Chaos Knight, despite his team’s line-up looked much more menacing than ours with Magnus, Ancient Apparition, Anti-mage, Clockwerk and Leshrac. Waiting for someone to rejoin in a game is common courtesy, it has nothing to do with the heroes picked up. 30 minutes into the game, the Chaos knight quickly paused the game due to mouse problems, once again CallMeSebo was unwilling to wait. His reasoning, “if you have CK and Wisp, no need for mouse”. Are you trying a bit too hard to troll others? I personally think it is extremely important to wait if the game is paused  given the fact that the person is able to reconnect, fix his mouse, finish peeing ….etc. What is the fun in playing 4v5?

ID: 7ckingmad 4real Link

Reason: Recently the ranked match making has started. I sometimes play with my friends, sometimes I solo rank. Yesterday, I was put into a 4 man stack for captain’s mode. Luckily my hand was fast enough to snatch the captain spot. I picked a decent lineup against the opposition. This 7ckingmad 4real person started flaming even before the ban pick phase started, his ID says a lot about his personality, he was 7ckingmad. He simply flamed me just because I was the captain. If you have a losing attitude even before the game begins, there is no chance of winning the game at all. You have to first believe you can win to win. The game was pretty close, but near the end, they lost patience with the game and lost a large team fight. Then the opposition took rax. This was when the real flame started to kick in. They put all the blame on me for losing. Started calling me “autistic”, “retarded” and “I am an inbred”. I mean if you want to insult someone at least do it in style rather than just simply throw rude words at a person. I later checked his dotabuff profile, this person has a winrate of 48% with an average KDA of 2 for his most played heroes. His end game score being 4-7-4 as a carry is kind of shocking when I was the support and I had better stats than him. 7ckingmad 4real literally flamed from start to end, it really destroys your morale when being flamed constantly. people with attitude problems should notified, and I am warning everyone about this person now!