For me gosugamers is my favourite website to visit to check out the latest news. They tend to be the fastest in publishing the latest news and is normally the best written out of the other big gaming news sites. Also I like how Gosugamers let the visitors to have the option in finding out about the scores with the “Show” button. I personally know someone who hates knowing the score being watching the match, so good job on the spoiler alert. They do provide stream links on the right hand side of their home page, however I always felt the lay out for the stream links are really awkward to use. It is also an eyesore to look at too.

How can I mention Gosugamers without talking about the famous forum resident Azarkon. With over 9000+ posts, and 80%+ are about discussing the downfall of eastern dota. His replies are always interesting to read, yet they can be rather long and illogical sometimes. But Gosugamers is definitely not the same without Lord Azarkon

eSport betting eu

eSport betting eu is a really good resource if you are looking to bet on Dota 2 or other eSports. They have written reviews of all avaialable bookmakers and the bonuses they offer. You can also compare odds between the bookmakers on all the Dota 2 matches. In addition to this they have a lot of tools for people who want to bet on eSport professionally. They have odds and percentage calculators and a very good betting tracker to keep statistics of how successful your betting is.



As a dota fan, I visit Joindota on a daily basis. I prefer Joindota’s layout as it is simple and easy to use. They fully utilise Tobi, Zoe and The Capitalist in creating cool little videos. The forum at JD is the most lively, but it is full of fanboys arguing about pointless issues. The majority are NaVi fans. The only issue with Joindota is that they can be rather slow on the news……..





The Dota 2 section for onGamers is mostly run by CyborgMatt, thus he is always giving us the latest patch news. He always does a good job in interview professional players. I sometimes feel onGamers do not get enough credit for being such an organised site. As CyborgMatt is trying to single handily  sort out the news and interviews, it can be a lot of work so the news can be delayed.




There is no better site than Dotaland when it comes to finding out about the latest Chinese Dota gossip. Dotaland does an amazing job in translation of chinese articles into english. I have done translation before, and trust me, it is not easy! Through his work he has become close friends with top professional chinese players, hence he is capable of publishing some truthful interviews with such legends such as Burning, ZSMJ and so on. The writer of Dotaland is very active within the Dota scene, so he is always bringing out in depth behind the scenes write ups on the latest tournaments.



A great site for checking hero statistics, player statistics and your own statistics. An overall really useful site. I am sure everyone reading this knows about this site.


GodBlessMali (Twitter Account)


Big shout out to Godblessmali, he has done a lot for the Dota scene and he has sacrificed a lot to be a part of the Dota scene. His twitter account is all you need for Dota news, I have no idea how he manages to find out everything so fast!

So follow him on Twitter! You will not regret.