Video slots, my new hobby

As a gamer I’ve been playing games all my life. I’ve been playing Dota since the early wc3 mod got released and I also tried a lot of other games during the years. It has been fun to feel the stimuli when you put hours into the game and feel like your skills develops rapidly. Another good way to develop your skills where to watch better players and pro games.

It’s very fun but takes up a lot of time. It made me happy when I found the way to bet skins on the matches at the same time. Then I could do three good things at the same time: Develop my skills, getting entertained by the pros and build my skins inventory.

It was hard to miss the gambling entrance into Dota with the websites where you could gamble for skins at Dota2 Lounge and the similar sites. The sites provided both a way to rotate your skin pool and a way to put some extra excitement into it. Either on a pro Dota match or just as a jackpot game. After operating for a year or two many of these sites had some scandals though. Lawsuits where pressed against Valve and two of these sites in 2016 because of the grey area with underage gambling but most of all undisclosed promotion and outcome rigging. After this period Valve shut down a lot of the sites which left me feeling that some of the old excitement where lacking.

This is when I found slot catalog where I could try out regular Slot games without betting money. What was cool was that they also ranked all the games according to popularity and I tried the best ranked ones. They are exciting!

Another nice part was that the site was in Japanese since I am not a native English speaker. After trying about 30 different games I found my favorite: Book of Dead. This Game looks more classic with the classic card symbols and the jokers. The game is simple to understand and does not have a lot of special rules which makes it hard. The most important thing to understand is that when you get three scatter symbols you enter the Free Spin mode which gives you 10 free spins (you can then get more of them in the same round). The game also got the classic double up feature that a lot of the other classic slots also have.