DK. Iceiceice: Let us add oil! (add oil = Work hard)

Faith: Thank you iG for the nurture, at iG I have learnt and achieved a lot, I will never forget the team mates I won Ti2 with. These experiences will be my future motivations. We all know that the life-span of a professional e-sport player is not long, I hope find out what was lacking from before, and play well in every single match!





Inflame first wrote a short blog about is struggles as an e-sport player.

LaNM replies:  If I remember correctly, I said I knew you will become a great player. I can not say for sure that I have been in tougher situations, but you have to calm your heart, don’t over estimate yourself, take it one step at a time, everything is up to you, in your grasp. If you want to share your struggles with me, I am always happy to listen and share my experiences with you.

Inflame: I just wanted to express my feelings. Still the same saying, I want to win, I still need you to teach me to play Dota!

After DDC was kicked from LGD, DDC’s girlfriend was extremely upset and started raging at LGD. The LGD manager Ruru sent a personal reply to DDC


















DDC’s Girlfriend: There are some things I will not say, those words will only rot in my stomach. Do you really need me to be more clear for you to understand?

A random person says: He (DDC) must be really stressed at the moment as he is stuck in a difficult situation. Are you doing the right thing as a girlfriend?

DDC’s Girlfriend: I have been searching for a new team for him ages ago, but it was them (LGD) told him that he will not be kicked thus he stopped contacting the other teams. Until the deadline day when the matches are about to start, he was told that he is getting kicked out of LGD. If I did not see this, lots of people will not understand the truth.

Nothing has been settled, am I talking bullshit? The thing I am most angry about is that LGD treats DDC like a brother, but then kicks him the day the transfer deadline ends. I am simply twitting yet you say I am ruining DDC’s friendship.

Ruru: DDC I am sorry, I did not see this was coming, I plead for you to forgive me, I only hope for you to be better in the future. No matter what, I will do my best to help you. In the future I will not be managing the team aspect of LGD but only responsible for the financial side of the club. I still reminisce about the days when you guys first joined, back in the days everything was for the dream, now you still can reach for your dream. Fighting LGD, Fighting GaiGai (DDC)



ROTK: Son(I think he is referring to Sylar) when you are at LGD add oil! Don’t let me down! Old buddies at VG, goodluck.


Despite DK disbanding, Iceiceice and LaNM forever friends!