Music and Dota

Similar to the discovery of electricity, the creation of music has changed the lives of millions. Where electricity depends on the continuous movement of electrons to transfer energy, music depends on the vibrations in the air stimulating our ear drums in order to transfer information.

Music is an universal language, a tool that can trigger certain emotions to the masses. For example playing “Disco Inferno” at karaoke has the same effect as drinking Chivas mixed with Green Tea to ease our timidity. Listening to Marvin Gaye has the same effect as popping few Viagra pills . Specific songs can also produce unique feelings to build up within a specific individual for a split second or a few minutes as one reminisces about the past. It is these components of music that makes it a great diary, each song is like a mini time machine that takes you back in time to live and feel the very moments you treasured.

I guess sometimes gaming is very similar to music. At each stage of your life you play a specific type of game, just like your music taste may change as you get older and wiser. For me personally, Dota will probably be the last game I will play. Dota is my favourite type of music. Dota can truly represent a period of my life.


I know all people have different music tastes. I am just posting some of the songs I enjoy listening to while playing Dota.

If you have any suggestions please comment and share!

Aprilnhem – Prayer (Found from Soundcloud)

CMW stream (Found from Twitch)

As a keen Dota 2 player I often watch professional players streams. One day I came across Comewithme’s (CWM) stream. I was not so much impressed by his plays (haha) but more intrigued by his music playlist while he was streaming. The music he streams may not be to everyone’s taste, but most of the songs I heard were really light-hearted and easy to relax too.

Hope you guys enjoy

Link to playlist (HERE)

Link to Stream (HERE)

Arteezy Song

A rap made for the holy Arteezy