I am Shouperman AKA 0杀19死(On Steam).
I have been following Dota since the ancient days of Dota 1 when Vigoss was the King of mid lane, back in the days when EHOME was unstoppable, and when Loda still had long sexy hair.

I am just a simple dude who loves dota and would like to share my views on the game.

The site with primarily focus on the statistics of the game, but I am always up for some troll posts. If I spot interesting chinese articles, I willtranslate it to share the love.



It all started when I was still studying at university many years ago. I lived with a Malaysian flat mate who was definitely on the nerdy side. He could easily spend 4-5 hours a day gaming non stop (Only stopping for a mere 10 minutes to eat). It was my nerdy flat mate who first introduced me to the longest lasting game I have ever played, Dota. When he first showed me Dota, I was not interested in it at all. I simply never gave the game a chance. As I am a really sporty person, I enjoyed my time out doors, running around rather than sitting in front of a computer. He persistently told me to play the game every day for one whole year, but I never gave in. I still thought it was just some stupid game little kids play.

It was until graduation when I noticed the beauty in Dota. Dota is a game with endless possibilities, a game that require both hand eye coordination as well as strategic thinking. Every match I play never fails to surprise me!  The only sad thing is I never had an opportunity to play an online match with the flat mate who introduced the game to me. Now it is almost impossible as he would play on the SEA server whereas I would be on the EU server.

The game has an extremely steep curving curve. I think without a helping hand, you will have to get raped for at least a good 2 months before you truly understand the game. Back in the Dota 1 days, learning the game was so much harder as Valve have implemented tutorials in Dota 2 to reduce the skill gap between a beginner and a good player. In addition buying items in Dota 2 is so much easier with the quick buy option. In Dota 1 you had to hotkey the shops ( I think there were 7 shops) in order to purchase the items in a speedy fashion, furthermore you literally had to memorise every single recipe in the game as you had to manually piece your items together. I can barely imagine myself doing that now.

Once you have a good grasp of the game, you are hooked. Due to the competitive nature of the game you want to strive to get better and better. Well,  that is what got me hooked on the game. I always wanted to better myself. I think another reason why the game has had such a strong influence on me is because after graduation, everyone went their separate ways. Some went back to their homeland, others worked from a far. It was difficult to meet up. Playing Dota with friends was my way of staying in touch with my good mates.

Even though I do not play the game as much now as before, I still enjoy watching professional games, discussing and analysing the games. There is so much depth in this amazing game.

Anyway that is enough of me.


Hope you enjoy the site!